Marshall 1960A cabinet

Marshall JCM 900 MR 1960 Aserial#: 31712
year: 1995


4x 75 watt 12" Celestion speakers
300 watt mono / 2x 150 watt stereo 8 Ohm
Rewired with Van Den Hul CS-16 cables

page updated: February 15 2002

I bought this cabinet second-hand (practically new) from Henk van de Laar, the guitar player of Elegy in 1996. It is the industry standard for speaker cabinets. It has a lot of headroom and will survive about any amp. Although there are better cabinets, for the moment it is sufficient. The combination of my Mesa/Boogie preamp and power amp sound very good through this cabinet and the bass projection is better than I thought. I've hear many amps through these kind of cabinets and they can get brutal and unfocussed when there is too much bass  in the sound. This was also the case when I used my DigiTech 2101 as the main preamp. But since I have the Mesa/Boogie Quad preamp the bass projection is very clear, full, rich and deep. Up to a level where the setup sounds like a bassamp. But compared to cabinets with Vintage 30's or Green Back speakers, the sound can be better. These speakers go loud, but they have an edge in the high frequencies that becomes very audible when comparing them. So I'll probably buy a different cabinet in the future. If my bank account allows me too, maybe a Mesa/Boogie Rectifier cabinet. They sound real big.

I opened my cab up a while ago and was really shocked when I found out that Marshall uses cheap-ass slim cables for the speakerwiring. Because the improvement I noticed when I started using the Van Den Hul CS-122 speaker cable I decided to go with the Van Den Hul CS-16 cables, which are 16 gauge and thus perfect for internal wiring. These cables are made of the highest grade copper and silver and specially created to make sure they are as good as it gets. And the difference was there, more detail and power.


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