Velleman PSSMV1 Adapter


Output voltage selectable between 3V and 12V
1,2 A max
Compact design
8 plugs

page updated: January 19 2002

A good and compact adapter is always a piece of gear a guitarist needs. I haven't been able to find an adapter that was more compact in design, had so many options and offored such quality than this Velleman PSSMV1. The 8 plugs allow you to connect it to most standard devices and switch polarity just by turning the plug around. The adapter is also very quiet and light weight, which only adds to it's quality. I use this adapter to supply my Geoffrey Teese RMC3 wah and the Nobels MS-8 midi switcher with some nice volts.

Here are some details taken form the website:
Get rid of those bulky power-hungry heat-producing mains adapters.
These adapters use state-of-the-art switching power supplies and feature some major advantages such as:
- cooler running
- stabilised output
- short-circuit and overload protection
- compact design
- very low idling consumption


output voltages : 3-4.5-6-7.5-9-12V
output current : 800mA (regulated) / 1.5A max.
plugs : 2.5mm mono, 3.5mm mono, 1.0x3.0mm, 1.35x3.5mm, 1.7x4.0mm, 2.1x5.0mm, 2.5x5.5mm, 1.5x5.5mm
dimensions : 67 x 29 x 74mm
weight : 86gr
power : 10W
supply voltage : 100-230Vac 15%
temperature : -10C to +40C
frequency : 45 - 65Hz
efficiency : >= 70 %
protection group : IP54
protection class : 11


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