Bird Les Paul

Bird Les

    Paul Black

year: late 70's








Mahogany & plywood body
2 single coil switches

page updated: January 19 2002

This guitar is now resting in my collection. I've taken the pickups out of it and placed it in the Washburn RS-10V. So right now this guitar is useless, but I will put a vintage Ibanez Super 70 pickup in it, that I still have laying around. These pickups were used in the 70's on all the famous (lawsuit) guitars, so the sound should be ok. And I still have two EMG HZ's laying around from the Washburn, they're not all that, but anything is better then nothing.

This budget guitar was made in the late seventies, which I bought 2nd hand in 1991. It was my first electric guitar. Although the guitar is made out of plywood with a mahogany top (like Epiphones) it sounds amazing! Very round and full sound and because of the single coil switches I´m able to make a wide scale of sounds. Especially with a the Seymour Duncan Invader in the neck position sounds amazing. I used it all the time, no watter what. Only for really crunchy riffs I sometimes use the bridge pickup. Most budget Les Pauls are feedbacking nightmares and have a poor sound. But this machine has a better sound than any Epiphone Les Paul (which really suck) I've ever tried and even better than the Studio series by Gibson.......

Originally the back of the neck had a paint finish, as all Les Pauls, but I removed it to get the natural wood back, which feels much nicer. The front side of the body is taped with Gaffa. I used to have covered with some spacey silver/mirror like sticker, which made it look a little like Joe Satriani´s chrome guitar. But I got tired of it and ripped it off and put Gaffa tape on it, which looks really nice (somewhat like the gothic series of Gibson) and feels even better. I changed the body a little bit to make it easier to play: the cutaway is deeper and the side of the body where your arm rests on, is made round and smooth. Much better this way. I hope I never loose this guitar, because I love the sound and the way it plays. Too be honest, I think the sound has more character and body than my Ibanez Universe guitar!

On the guitar I only use Dean Markley Blue Steels LTHB (.010 - .052) strings. They absolutely sound the best and the heavier strings produce a lot more power and body then lighter strings.

ps if anyone knows more about this guitar, please let me know.

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