Gear Database

page updated: August 30 2003

A lot of people ask me what preamps are available and which one I think is worth it. So I decided to make a list of all preamps, poweramps, etc. I know of. Some products are still in production, others are out of order and are marked with a *. The once that I think are really good are marked with a . This doesn't mean that the pieces of gear that are not marked with a not work while, some products I haven't tried to there is no way to comment on them.

Of course there are more products out there, so if you know any, please email them to me: All preamps and poweramps are tube driven unless otherwise is stated. Not all information I mention might be correct.


1U = 1 standard height for 19" rack gear
small = non standard size
# = program number
cc = Controll Change
(midi) = midi is optional
expr = expression pedal
DIY = Do It Yourself
* = out of production (to my knowledge)
= products I think that are really worth while to check out.