Ernie Ball Volume Pedal


used as expression pedal
light weight aluminum design

page updated: January 19 2002

This is the standard in volume pedals, which I use as an expression pedal for my Digitech Control One midi pedal which is connected to the Digitech GSP2101 fx unit. It was a wide sweep which is really nice, it's light weight but very solid aluminum construction, the grip on top of the large pedal is great. The inside is basic and works great, they've used a "wire" made from Kevlar to control to pot, although it looks slim, Kevlar is extremely strong and the chances are that it's the last thing that will get damaged from this thing. If this pedal would be in a fire, the Kevlar wire would survive better then any other part of the pedal!.

The pot can be accessed easy to clean or to replace when needed. This is the older version and has the inputs on one side instead of the front. Maybe one day I'll replace the 250k pot with a 50k Ohm pot which is prefered for expression pedals, but so far it works great.

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