Page updated: January 19 2002

What do a photographer, a (touring) musician, a stage manager, a recording engineer and a model have in common?. They all can't do their job properly without gaffa.

This is truly the most used problem solver in the entertainment industry. Ever wondered how models in photo's got such beautiful breasts (with cloths on), simply because they were supported by gaffa. It's odd, I know, but it's true. There are a 101 internetsites with 1001 ways how to use gaffa and that's just the beginning.

I've used it to tape several cables nicely together, tape my guitar cable to the stagefloor to make sure nothing happens to it (and when I had no pedalboard my pedals too), taped both bodies of my guitars (cause it looks nice), marked flightcases with it, made my campingtent waterproof during a rainy Dynamo Open Air festival, etc., etc. This is really a problem solver, but in most cases where you need gaffa it is either for a short period of time or it is to hold something together that needs to be fixed properly.

There are four easy ways to check if you've got quality gaffa or a 5 cent equivalent: 1. It should not shine like cheese that's been in the open air for three days 2. Rips very easy 3. Holds everything together but removes with ease 4. Leaves no traces when you remove it.

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