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page updated: January 21 2002

Bird Les

 Paul Black Ibanez Universe 7

I've just added the Washburn RS-10V to my collection. See  it's page for more details.

Three different guitars for three totally different sounds. The Bird Les Paul was my first electric guitar and has been customised all the way to my liking. I've changed the pickups to DiMarzio's and Seymour Duncan, with single coil switches, modified the volume so that it doesn't sound dull when turned down, took of the paint of the back of the neck, made the cutaway deeper, rounded a corner, taped the body with Gaffa, etc.

Although it was originally a budget guitar, it now sounds very good and plays good. But it hasn't been in it's best shape for quite a while now and it nicely rests at my home and servers as the emergency rescue guitar at gigs.

In 1992 I was able to buy this Ibanez Universe 7 BK for a very good price and had to have it. Back then Steve Vai was the only one playing this guitar and I saw it as challenge to play with 7 strings. I even was the 8th person in the Netherlands to own one. For quit while I haven't used the tremolo, so I've fixed it now, which is really nice. No detune when breaking strings and all the advantage of the fine tuners. The guitar is now tuned down a whole step and the former low B has gone up 1 note to a low C. The low A was really unusefull for me and I now have a double C when I play with a dropped tuning.

Washburn RS10-VIn October 2001 I bought a 2nd hand Washburn RS-10V. It's a handmade PRS-shaped guitar, quilted maple top with two humbuckers and a Floyd Rose tremelo. It now serves as my standard tuned guitar for gigs and plays very nice. I've removed the lacquer finish of the back of the neck, replaced the pickup switch, volume pot and knob, rewired it completely, removed the tone knob and placed the pickup switch there, the mini toggle switch that was intended as pickup switch now functions as a 3 position tone switch.

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