Made in a keyboard flightcase
Contains all pedals

page updated: August 28 2003

I had a keyboard flightcase laying in the house which was precisely the size of the pedalboard I needed. It is a quality flightcase with good locks and a nice leather handle and foam on the inside. So I took a piece of normal flightcase material and have attached everything with velcro - which works perfectly. Because the flightcase was too deep, I use supporting pieces of wood to heighten the main board. The Velcro works perfectly and I can twist, turn or hold it up side down without any problems. In the top right corner I've placed a clamp that holds all my cables together that are on the pedalboard. It's a small feature but it makes it real nice and makes sure that all the cables are on the right place the whole time.

From left to right: Digitech Control One (controls all fx and channel switching), Ernie Ball Mono Volume pedal (used as expression pedal, connected to the Control One), Teese RMC3 Wah and a custom made Tubefreak Briljant Box. It connects to two buffered guitar cables and is able to switch between them. Also a channel switch for the Mesa/Boogie Simul 395 Stereo poweramp is implemented. For more info onthe buffered guitar cable check the Briljant Box Custom & Reactive Cable page .

The expression pedal on the Control One is programmed most of the time to small and less important fades. But I've hooked an Ernie Ball Volume pedal to the Control One which functions as the external expression pedal and it works really nice. It's much smoother and responds better, the overall sweep as longer and therefor more acurate and the pedal is big which is nice cause I got some pretty big feet. With this pedal I do volume sweels morphing of clean sounds to freaked out synth sounds, fade in some detune, delay and extra volume for solo's, etc...

Anything is possible with the Control One. I can assign up to 10 different parameters to be changed realtime by the floorpedal and it's expression pedals, so that's more then enough........ Too bad it only works with DigiTech gear, cause if I want to replace the DigiTech GSP2101 with a TC Electronic G-Force I would need to search for a different pedal.

To give you an idea how it works: when I press for example on switch #1 (Jazz Clean) the GSP2101 sends a midi signal to the  Nobels MS-8 to activate the right sound of my Mesa/Boogie Quad preamp + it opens the patch for the Jazz Clean of the GSP2101. So with just one press it goes to a clean sound + the reverb and graphic EQ of the Quad preamp and opens the right patch of the GSP2101 which contains some EQ, chorus, detune and delay.

If I would press the switch #4 after that, it would instantly give me the Lead 1 mode of the Quad preamp + it's 5 band EQ + the corresponding patch of the GSP2101 which has some eq-ing and a noise gate. The switching happens within a 10th of second and has no audio drop outs. It evens lets the delay of the Jazz Clean fade out while I start playing a heavy riff with the new patch. So no more tap-dancing between pedals and switches and god knows what.......just press the right button and instantly you have the sound with all the pre-programmed EQ and fx settings. That's the true advantage of a 19" rack setup.

On the pedalboard my signal comes in on the right, where the Geoffrey Teese RMC3 wah is and goes straight back to the rack. From the pedalboard there are 4 cables:
1 signal -> comes from the guitar and goes through the wah to the rack
1 switching -> switches between the two poweramp settings
1 midi -> is connected the the Digitech Control One midi pedal and controls my whole rack system
1 9volt -> supplies my wah with power

I neatly taped them together with gaffa, so I always have them together and never have to get them sorted out. The midi signal is too weak to interfere with the signal line.... so no problems/signal loss there. All together the pedalboard weights a lot, but it is much better for my equipment and, the best reason to do this, it saves A LOT of time. Just place the pedalboard where I want it, connect the power, the cables to the pedalboard and plug in and play. Remember how many times when gigging you are placing your pedals, connecting each cable and power, tape them to the floor, etc. If I have to move I just push the case with my feet and all the pedals stay on the same distance of each other..... Nothing tops that! It doesn't costs much, but it sure makes life a lot easier.


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