Tortex Pics


Jim Dunlop Tortex between 0.50 & 0.70 mm

Today I only use Jim Dunlop Tortex pics between 0.50 and 0.70. They will last forever and don't break like most others. They're also nice if you have moisted fingers. Previously, when I made some form of Stoner Rock, I used Jim Dunlops Big Stubby of 2mm and 3mm!! They are enormously big and don't bend at all, but the sound.... fucking loud!!! Very nice if you want to make fat and heavy guitar sounds. Not really ok if you need to do some quiet clean picking. Since I started with Jim Dunlop pics I'm hooked. I really love them because they don't break and have a good grip. I always break other (=Fender) picks in a second......

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