Samson Powerbrite Pro 9  +  APC Surge Arrest e20

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year: 1999
Photo of Pro 7 (US model)



Pro rack power distribution and lighting system
8 rear power sockets
Volt and ampere meter
Front light tray
Gooseneck light in the back
Custom front panel logo

page updated: January 21 2002

This is a 19" power conditioner. You connect all the powercords of your gear to this so you only have to put one AC cord in the wall and you're up and going. It's also to prevent surge peaks and ground humming. This Pro version enables you to connect 8 devices, has a Volt  meter which shows how many Volts are delivered from your wall ac socket, a meter for the used Amperes, a goose neck light on the back to light the backside of your rig and a front tray, with costum logo, with a fluor light to lighten the front side of the rack. The fluorescent light adds no hum to your signal. The whole things works great, enables you to get rid of all those unhandy ac cables and gives you light on the front and back of your rig when needed. Price...?? It cost me $150,- new. I can really recommend it. Makes life a lot easier and better organised.

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