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Tubefreak SALE

My focus is on mastering primarily today, that's why I'm selling a big part of my guitar/recording gear.

Go the the SALE SITE for a full overview.

O.a. Climax S3 preamp, Palmer/Marshall/Exef speaker sims, etc.

When I have a problem I always try to search for a solution. Sometimes there is no good solution available. In such cases I try to make a solution. An examples of this is the Briljant Box Custom & Reactive Cable, a combination of a buffered guitar cable with a true bypass box. Another example is the Custom A/B Switcher, it switches a signal between two outputs (or vise versa) and can be controlled by a on/off (foot)switch.

I don't have the time nor money to invest in making these two products, so they are not for sale. If you want to try out the Briljant Box Custom & Reactive Cable, try contacting the Jukebox (music store) in Boekel - Brabant - The Netherlands, I've built several for them. If the demand grows, I'll start building them on a larger scale.

I've been collecting tubes for a long time. For personal use, my collection, for friends, etc. Sometimes I have some tubes left over that I don't use and offer them at a fair price. I don't sell tubes to make money, I just offer them to fellow musicians.