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Dean Markley Blue Steel custom set

page updated: January 21 2002

On all my guitars I've got Dean Markley Blue Steel strings. After these strings are fabricated like all others, they go in the freezer for quit a while. This makes the metal structure stronger and that gives you a longer living string with better tone. Well....... that sounds nice, but does it really work????. HELL YEAH!!. I don't want any other string on my guitars, unless I really can't find these then I'll have to live with Dean Markley SLP's. I've tried them all, but Blue Steels sound the best. They have an amazing sounding bass and clarity, sound good for a LONG time and don't break as fast as many other strings (for that matter, I don't understand why people play with Fender strings..... mannnn they suck!!). Before starting to record his new album, Steve Vai recorded for a couple of days the same riff on the same guitar but with different strings. And after listening back, he only wanted to record with Blue Steels........... that should say something, right? I mean, he doesn't get paid for it.

I use a custom set of Blue Steels, I like I'm really heavy cause I tune my guitars down a whole step and then even drop the lowest string for another whole step. So my 7 string is tuned from high-to-low: DAFCGCC. The strings I use are 012-016-024w-042-052-058-058. This is a very, very heavy set, especially the D and A string are very tight, but the sound is just amazing. The sustain is endless. No more 009-042 sets for me. 

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