Tube Collection

page updated: November 13 2002

I've been collection tubes a few years now. It first started with tubes I
could use for my amp, mainly preamp tubes. But since a few years I've
been collecting others as well. If you see something you really want or
need, contact me maybe I want to part with it.

As soon as I have the time I'll add some pics of some of the rare tubes.

Preamp tubes: (might be incorrect)
20x Tesla E83CC, 70's Telefunken copy, rare!, Czech rep.
1x Telefunken ECC83, ripple plate, <> in the bottom, West-Germay
2x Telefunken ECC81, West-Germany
4x  RFT ECC83, 2 are branded Tronal, East-Germany
3x  RFT ECC82, East-Germany
8x  RFT ECC81, East-Germany
1x  Philips SQ (Special Quality) ECC83
1x  Philips (Mullard) Miniwatt ECC83, Import, Great Britain
5x  Philips Miniwatt ECC83, made in Holland
4x  Philips Miniwatt ECC82, made in Holland
1x  RCA 12AT7/7526, USA
4x  JJ ECC83S, oct 2001, Slovak Republic
1x  Ei Yugo ECC83/7025, Yugoslavia
1x  Sovtek 12AX7WXT+, Russia
4x  Sovtek 12AX7LPS, Russia
16x  Mesa/Boogie STR 12AX7-A, China
1x  Audio Glassic 12AX7A. China

update 29-11-2009
This list is always changing. Apart from what's already inside the gear, my current stock is aprox:
25x  Mullard ECC81 / CV4024
20x  Telefunken ECC81 / ECC801
10x  RFT ECC81
11x  various ECC81 (Philips, Valvo, GE, RCA, etc)
9x   Mullard ECC82
15x  RFT ECC82
7x   Tungsram ECC82
8x   various ECC82 (Ultron, GE, RCA)
10x  Tesla E83CC
2x   Tesla ECC803S prototype (!)
10x  RFT ECC83
10x  Mullard ECC83
11x  various ECC83 (Telefunken, AEG, GE, Ei, Sylvania, etc)
14x  various ECC85 (Telefunken, Philips, Valvo, Siemens, RFT)
10x  GE and RCA 6AL5
9x   GE 6829
14x  RCA 5963

Poweramp tubes:
4x  RCA 6L6GC 7548, USA
6x  Mesa/Boogie STR 415 6L6GC, Sylvania
16x  Mesa/Boogie STR 420 6L6GC, China
2x  Mesa/Boogie STR 442, Svetlana EL34, Russia

Magic Eyes:
1x RCA 6E5
1x Valvo EM34 - magic eye
2x Telefunken EM84 - magic eye
1x Valvo (Telefunken) EM84 - magic eye
1x Valvo (Telefunken) EAM86 - magic eye
1x Lorenz MM803 - magic eye

1x WF Z563C (dekatron)
1x WF Z565M (dekatron)
6x WF Z573M (red)
3x WF Z570M (red)
5x unknown red nixie
6x Wang Lab nixie

Miscellaneous tubes:
1x  RFT B7S1 (Oscillography, cathode, 50's), E-Germany
1x  RCA 6BR8A (tube delay, triode/pentode, 60's), USA
1x  EEV CX 1159 (Thyratron, triode, power for laser, 12" tall !), UK
7x  Telefunken RL12P35, WW2, German Wehrmacht, 1940's

TV tubes:
4x  Telefunken PY88 (booster diode, 70's), W-Germany
1x  Telefunken PCL84 (triode/pentode, 60's), W-Germany
1x  Imperial EF183 (pentode, 60's)
1x  Philips Miniwatt PL504 (line output pent., 60's), Holland
1x  ... PCL805 (power pentode, 70's)

Radio tubes:
1x  Telefunken REN904 (power amp, 30's, metal) W-Germany
2x  NEC 6267 (voltage pentode, 70's)
2x  NEC 67 30M-P23 (70's)
1x  ... 30A5 (power amp pentode, 70's), Japan

Tube manuals: 
1x  RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC15 1947, USA

Tubes yet to be sorted:
3x  EEV CX .... Thyratron, 12 inchs tall, UK 
1x  Electron Tube 211, thyratron, China
1x  Valvo PL5544, NOS thyratron
1x  Sylvania JAN-CHS 5C22 thyratron, USA
12x PY88 Telefunken
12x PL500/PL504 Telefunken
4x  OD3, Brimar, Sylvania, Hytron
2x  carton pack with 5 sealed Telefunken DY900
1x  RCA 63-52 
1x  AEG  AG-866-A 
1x  HP 6AS7 
1x  Valvo AZ12
1x  Sylvania JAN 5V4G 
1x  RCA 7848 
1x  Tungsram OA3/VR75 
1x  Mullard or Russian 6C2C
1x Tungsram OA3 / VR75
1x ? 308
1x Philips Miniwatt PL 504
1x Elektronik PCL 805
1x Siemens ECC81
1x Imperial EF183
1x Telefunken ...84
1x Siemens ?
1x WF Z 565 M
1x WF Z 563 C
1x Tung-Sol JAN-CTL-703A

Tube yet to sorted - Coke bottle style:
1x Raytheon 47
1x Emerson 5U4G
1x Westinghouse 5U4G
1x Philco 5U4G
1X Erosley 124 (?)
1X Cunningham C324 (?)
1x GE 802
1x Tung-Sol ? (4 pin - old)
2x RCA 5V4G
1x Tung-Sol 42 (?)
1x Philco 6Y6G
1x RCA 6Y6
1x Sylvania 6BY5G
1x Tung-Sol 45
1x Philco 24A
1x RCA 24A
1x Erosley 551 (?)
1x RCA UY224 (?)
1x Erosley 57 (?)
1x Philco 15
1x Hytron ?
1x Erosley 6U7G
1x Erosley 6B7
1x Sylvania 166 (?)
1x RCA 6A7
1x Raython 6A7
1x Erosley 6D6
1x Tung-Sol 39 44
1x National NU-58N
1x Philco 78
1x Super Airline 57
1x RCA ?
1x RCA 67F
1x Philco 37
1x Tung-Sol 27
1x ? 76
1x Coronado 19
1x RCA )A3 VR75
1x RCA 6X5G
1x RCA 2050
1x RCA 25Z5
1x Tung-Sol ?
1x Philco 41
1x Sparton ?


two 866 in action

large thyratron - mind the scale!   OA3 VR75 gas tube

RL12P35 from German SS    a 866 from Mullard

#45 tube   #47 tube

6E5 Magic Eye 6E5 Magic Eye EM34 Magic Eye

Bizar 703

Dekatron tube

Dekatron at work
It's a Nixie It's a Nixie