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I've been collecting tubes for a long time. For personal use, my collection, for friends, etc. Sometimes I have some tubes over that I don't use and offer them at a fair price. All tubes are (New) Old Stock, except for tubes made by JJ and Sovtek. Tubes do not come with original boxes unless stated, some have mediocre printings on them, others are brand new. All tubes are thoroughly tested on a professional mutual conductance tube tester and in a real tube amplifier for microphonics. I don't sell tubes to make money, I just offer them to fellow musicians. If you are not happy with the tube, I'll give you your money back!

ECC83/12AX7 tubes are normal high gain tubes used in guitar amps. ECC81/12AT7 tubes are recommended as phase inverters (for Fender amps) or if you want to try a tube with less gain. For those applications where you need even more headroom and less distortion ECC82/12AU7 tubes are highly recommended.

I've used ECC82 and ECC81 many times and got great results. They are ideal if you have enough gain reserves in the amp (such as Boogie, Bogner, Peavey) and want a wider sweep of break up, the sound can a bit bolder when overdriven which can be really nice. Also for critical places were high headroom is needed such as fx return stages they are highly recommended, such as V3 and V5 in a Mesa/Boogie Triaxis. In clean applications they gave a clear sound with a nice compression when driven harder.

Currently I don't have any Tesla E83CC's for sale anymore. These beautiful 70's Telefunken production tubes all went away really fast and I've kept a few behind for my personal use.





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All pieces are sold!










USA - brand new ! - for Rectifier / Bassman










Germany - Rare Wehrmacht power tubes 





Germany - Rare Wehrmacht power tubes






Rare Telefunken Wehrmacht WWII Power tubesTelefunken / Valvo RL12 P35
These transmitting tubes were made in Germany for Wehrmacht applications during World War II. Wehrmacht and Nazi signs are still visible! It's an extreme robust design to be used in planes and tanks during the war. A must have for tube collectors. Hard to find one of these outside Germany, especially with all original WWII logo's visible.
* 35 watt pentode transmitting tube
* Heater V=12.6  A=630mA
* max Anode voltage is 800V
* 16 cm / aprox 6,5 inch tall
* rimlock feet
* heavy duty military design

These tubes were made in East-Germany in the high quality factory in Muehlhausen. Tubes have very thick glass and are prone to microphonics. Some say these are a poor men's Mullards. Their tubes sound great and will last forever, therefor are highly recommended.

Owner of the Mullard factories over the world and therefor their tubes are identical to many Mullard and Buggle Boy tubes. High quality, rare find outside the Netherlands. Nice warm sound, great detail and long life.