Tube Testers Collection

page updated: November 13 2002

note 29-11-2009:
I should really udpdate this page. I've been collecting (tube)test equipment for years.

I've been collection tubes a few years now. Since a few months I've been collecting tube testers as well. I won't keep all of them, some will be sold to friends and people who are interested. Mostly for the european market.

Unebag WP-120
This is by far the most rare tube tester I own. It's from Germany and made somewhere in the 20's and 30's, which makes it one of the first tube testers. It will only test 4 pin tubes, but best of it all, it's still working and it's complete with original documents.

Unebag WP-120  RARE !!!


Precision Apperatus 10-12 Tube Master

The 10-12 is a well known, USA made, tube tester which tests tubes under real conditions and measures their mutual conductance. One of the nicest tube testers to work with. I have several roll charts for different tubes and settings.

Precision 10-12


B&K 747 Dyna-Jet Solid State Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester
One of the most advanced tube testers made. For many tubes no settings have to be made, just pop in it the right tube and you're done. Complete with manual and flyer. This is a solid state tube tester, so no internal tubes, for accurate readings. It's expensive, it's rare, but damn it's good. No wonder they call this the Ferrari under the tube testers.

B&K 747



Hickok I-177
This portable tube tester was designed by the Hickok for the U.S. Army. It is rugged and highly portable. Hickok tube testers have the reputation of being the best ones ever made. They are highly superior to the "emission" type tube testers; test results are much more reliable (ie. if the tester says the tube is bad, its bad. If the tester says the tube is good, its good.) Virtually all Hickok testers are of the mutual transconductance type, so you really can't go wrong with one.

Hickok I177



Precision Apparatus 920
40's, test many old type of tubes, but no noval pins, such as ECC83. But has a high quality meter with many different readings.


Precision Appartus 650 Grid Circuit Analyzer
Complete with operating instructions and a large set of Tube Test Data books. Easy to use and light weight.



Heathkit TC-2 Tube Tester
This was a home assembling kit by Heathkit from the 1940's. Solid state design, so ones it's calibrated it'll keep accurate readings for a long time. Complete with manual, assembling instructions and schematics.

Heathkit TC-2


B&K 465 Rejuvenator Picture Tube Tester
For repair and testing of picture tubes from TV's.

B7K 465