Behringer V-Amp 2

serial#: L0116343153
year: 2002


32 amp models
15 speaker models
24 bit fx
9 type of reverbs

page updated: July 5 2002

I wanted a amp modeler for at home: recording and practice. The list of amp modeler units is endless and each has it's stronger and weaker sides. I tried a lot of them and found the Behringer V-Amp 2 to be the best quality/value.

And I must say it sounds damn good. Dynamics are great, EQ is far better then I know from the POD, amp and speaker sims sound nice and the fx are good. It's all you could ask for, certainly for such a price. Ofcourse a real recto sounds better then the V-Amp 2, but that's no wonder, it's 10x as expensive. There are some amp models in the V-Amp that I really, really like. Such as the Custom Hi Gain, which is modeled after a modded 50 watt plexi. It has great mids, clearity and powerful low end. When hooked up to my rig, it sounds even great!. But still I prefer my own setup, ofcourse. I did try a biamp setup: running my guitar through both preamps at the same time. Although it sounded pretty fat, the slight delay in time between the two preamps gave the whole sound a "weird" taste. the difference is less then 1ms, so I can't resolve it with my Digitech GSP2101. Too bad. On the otherhand, it would have given me more to program which would have made it all even more difficult.

But... I'm not surprised when I will use a modelling preamp in a few years. But they still lack a few tricks, which I prefer too much. One is "real" tone. Hard to describe, but modelling amps still sound a bit processesed in the highs and lack something in the mids which makes a good amp stand out. Also the dynamics could be better and the pushed, direct sound of a true tube preamp is still nicer. Last but not least, seamless and direct patch changes. I hate those gaps between patches when switching!. But apart from that, I think modeling has a good chance in the near future. I just wish they would make one that allows you to choose your type of preamp tube as well :o)

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